From time to time it becomes necessary for students to receive instruction outside of a traditional classroom setting. To connect and receive that instruction, please click on your teacher’s “Teacher Website” link in the list below. 

Instructions to join a class: type “Google Classroom” in search bar. Click on + in top right corner, click “join a class”, when prompted, enter the class code listed below.

Teacher’s NameGrade Level/SubjectGoogle Classroom
Cranston, Christina K bz6hxqe
Nurmi ChristlynK 35bwglu
Twinam, BrandiK qecswlu
Ms. Dee1st
Gonzales, Jenny1st xipekdt
Wheat, Lydia1st
Crosby, Kim2nd l2l5ui5
Francese, Christina2nd fttzvem
Roberston, Amber2nd ilcdaoa
Atha, Kim3rd 3jbeibh
McNichols, Katelyn3rd 62k2wcg
Martynova, Maia3rd
Muniz, Imelda4th tmvqjbh
Parsons, Becky4th
Porter, Allison4th eyyysrk
Blair, Laure5th soc2roz
Hatch, Marta5th zysqumb
Patel, Maxi5th
Lewis, RandP.E. m6s6ae6
Sult, CarlyMusic eftpvhx
Tito, WilburDance
Wilson, ChelseaArt qgvhgkp
Cannon, TiffanySPED nwt5nkb
Reinstra, AnnaReading specialist qyxpgrt