Money Management Assembly with Phoenix Suns and Mass Mutual, March 2014

It was a big day of learning for some 2,500 kids at U.S. Airways Center in downtown Phoenix. They were there to learn financial basics, which is something typically not covered in school.

When asking these middle school kids about managing money, I ended up getting various answers.

“Because in life you’ll need that, you still need to know how to manage your money,” Italy Mar said.

“I would like, save money for it and then get it and then when I don’t use it, I could give it to my brothers,” Bianca Jaimes said.

I asked Laelani Etheridge if she knew why she was there and she responded with, “Ugh, not really.”

The kids are at the arena to be given the groundwork in managing money responsibly, which can be a challenge for a young middle schooler.

“Kids at this age aren’t thinking about what it’s going to be like when they’re 30, 40, 50, Roger Crandall said. “Will I be able to buy a car? Having a down payment for a car. You want to own your own house. When you have kids do you want to send them to college. These things resonate with everybody so we’ll talk about those kind of things.”